Meet Our Team

Tonia Dorr, Research Team Leader

Tonia has many years of experience as a Registered Nurse, working in the fields of critical care and surgery prior to joining the CPR team in 2011. In addition to clinical experience, she has completed 30 hours of continuing education in the field of research. Tonia plays an important role caring for the patients of CPR in pre-op, surgery, recovery, and, now, research. Promoted to Research Team Leader in 2013, she is the liaison between clinicians and patients, ensuring consistent and accurate communication about our many and varied clinical projects. Tonia strives to keep everyone aware of current and upcoming studies through newsletters, community outreach, and frequent staff meetings.

"Seeing a patient's life changed, where they are active again and spending time with their family is just so rewarding!" - Tonia Dorr

Carissa Filip, Clinical Programmer

A former college intern and recent graduate of Gordon College in Boston, Carissa is an invaluable member of the research team. She interacts with patients in clinic, providing evaluations and re-programming of neuro-stimulation devices. Carissa also assists Dr. Yearwood in his development of new devices and programming paradigms, making neuro-stimulation technology more efficient and effective.