Neuroscience Innovation with an International Following. Right here on the Gulf Coast.

Our commitment to improving care for patients with chronic, debilitating pain never ends. Sometimes, it keeps us awake at night. We read, investigate, and hypothesize with nearly insatiable curiosity. It's why we have traveled from London to Mexico, Berlin to Uganda. It's why for nearly 25 years, we have participated in clinical trials involving numerous neurostimulation devices. And we've witnessed some amazing results.

Our quest continues today at Algos Research & Education Center in our Pascagoula clinic. Here, amid state-of-the-art operating rooms and viewing rooms, we perform clinical and regulatory research on behalf of the FDA, leading medical device firms, and pharmaceutical companies. And we do it for one reason: to deliver pain relief so you can participate more fully in every area of your life.

Past & Current Research:

  • Testing of Neurostimulation Devices
  • Design/Development of New Devices
  • Exploring Options to Make Therapies More Accessible
  • Combining Therapeutic Modalities to get Best Treatment for Least Intervention

"Because of you, we refuse to give up."

  • AAPM
  • ABA
  • NASS
  • CITI
  • FDA
  • HHS
  • WIRB
  • NANS
  • Quorum